HAPPY NEW YEAR ! (+ last music video of month )

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Hyr, niin se vuosi vierähti. Tää päivä on mun osalta mennyt lähinnä koneella ollessa. Katsoin muutamaa streamiä ja sit katoin myös telkkarista jotain jääkiekkopeliä äidin ja isän kanssa. Äsken kävin ulkona käppäilemässä ja kun näin kaiken maailman ilotulitusraketteja, tajusin et oikeesti tänään on viimeinen ilta vuotta 2013! Tunnin päästä tohon perään pitääkin kirjoittaa kolmosen sijasta neljä. 

Woah, it's already the last day of this year. I've done nothing special, just watched few stream's and also watched some ice hockey game with mum & dad. A little while ago, I went outside to have a little walk and when I saw all those fireworks, I released that this night is really the last one of the year 2013! Soon we have to put number 4 instead of 3, when we write the year.

Anyway, just wanted to come and say
I hope the following year is good one for you.

Also, don't worry. There will be better updates coming. I haven't talk to you about my Christmas so much, have I? This was just a little, "congrats all. we have made it to the next year" kind of post. ^^

And since it's the last day of December, it's time for

I don't know if you saw this coming... I know, I linked this one to the last post as well. Anyway, we all know that December is all about Christmas, right. Christmas calenders and songs are everywhere etc. I like that though~ Even though I'm not the biggest fan of Christmas songs, I still liked to listen Christmas radio in times. 

"Santa you are the one" is probably one of the cutest thing, I have seen during my 18-year-old life. I might have said this a lot, but I really mean it. The lyrics are quite adorable and make me smile, especially when the members really try to sing them. (And they do pretty good job, I mean, I understood the lyrics and all). Then there's like some, who really can speak English well, like Henry. (Who is half(?) Canadian so~)

This song has really made me smile so many times and I like to singalong as well. I have listened it much, and it's also that leads my Last.fm's list (the one with "one month" thing). And I haven't really listen it only with my iPod and Spotify, I've watched the video many times, and the calculators won't take youtube videos.

Thank you all for this year, it was so nice to share my things in here. I hope you enjoy the stay and also the "Music video of month" though I was way too lazy to be on time. I'm not yet sure, if I'll do this thing again. Probably not, since I'm going to be super busy on next year. But I try my best to share some songs, which really have made my moods "recently".

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